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At ZigZag Photography Leicester, we've had all sorts of animals in the studio. Dogs and cats are the most popular choices, but as you can see from our pet gallery, we've also had some more unusual ones too, included ferrets and iguanas.  As an integral part of your family, it would be a shame to make them miss out! Whilst some people have brought their animals along to be photographed on their own, most people have brought them along as apart of their family photography session. 

You will get an hour in the studio so your photographer will take a whole range of images, capturing some of them individually and some of you all together. They don't need to be included in every photo either. 

Think about any items you can bring along to help personalise your images such as colourful collars, and toys. Some pet treats are always a good idea to bring along to reward them for being so well behaved. Have a look through our pet gallery to get some inspiration for your photography shoot. 

You can purchase one of our ZigZag Photography vouchers either over the phone on 0116 2700995, or online just below. Your limited edition voucher will be presented in this stylish gift box and will cover your session, all editing process, a one hour viewing appointment and a framed 7"x5" image You will have the option to purchase any further images if you wish.

ZigZag Photography Pet Experience Gift Box
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