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Your Session

When you come for your session, we aim to capture your unique personalities. We ask you to bring along any personal items that will help us with this! This could be musical instruments, cooking utensils, dressing up outfits, toys, sports equipment, favourite books or clothes etc. If you are celebrating a special occasion, why not bring balloons, cake, graduation outfits, or even your wedding dress! We do have a changing room so please feel free to bring a change of clothes. Please avoid wearing anything white or too pale though - dark and brights work best! 

Please aim to get here about 10 minutes early so we can get you settled in. Here your photographer will have a chat with you about your likes and dislikes and what it is you are hoping to get out of the shoot. 

You will have about an hour in the studio where your photographer will take lots of shots! The aim here is to have fun! 

Please don't forget to bring your diary so that we can get you booked in for your viewing! 

 After your session

After your session, your photographer will spend time working on your show. Here we select the best shots, hide any blemishes and add our unique ZigZag touch to create your perfect show. 

When you come back to your viewing you will watch your show in our cinematic viewing room where your family story comes to life. 

We have a range of products to suit all tastes and packages to suit all budgets. One of our photographers will use their creative eye to advise you when selecting the images you desire.