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Charlie Patel

Digitial Marketing

Charlie recently got married and her name is now Charlie Brown but is too embarrassed to use it. 

She started with us 9 years ago as telesales. You may talk to her on the phone but there's also a good chance she's the one texting or Facebooking you too. 

Charlie is our computer whizz who fixes all our technological problems.She has three kids (four if you include her  husband) and she lives on a diet of chocolate and energy drinks. 


paula helps

production manager

Paula - Helps by name and helps by nature! 

Paula has worked in photography for 25 years! She is the one responsible for printing and making up all of your portraits. 

Paula is a great cook and we love it when she brings in her homemade cake! 

She has a son and a boxer dog called Milo.