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Why did you come for a photoshoot at ZigZag Photography?

We decided to come to zigzag photography studio because they took our daughters first nursery pictures and we loved them so much we decided to get our family photoshoot done by them’


Have you ever had a professional photoshoot before?

“To be honest no we have always wanted one but after losing our son in 2017 we just kept putting it of. But we finally found the strength to get them done.”


Tell us about your family

‘Well I love my family so much. We haven been through a lot as a family but we come out stronger then ever. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying we are the perfect family but I wouldn't change anything about mine. They get me through my hardest and darkest times. They are always there for me when I'm sad and always know how to put a smile on my face. I truly adore my husband and my 3 beautiful babys.’

Did you bring in any personal items with you? Why did you choose these items?

‘We bought a monkey that I bought for my husband for fathers day in 2017 but after losing our son we took a picture of our son with the monkey and ever since that day our daughter stephenie doesn't go any where with out her monkey. So we like to think daryl soul is inside the monkey and is protecting her everywhere she goes’


Were you nervous before your photoshoot?

“A bit but the staff made us feel right at home”


What was your favourite part of your ZigZag experience?

“Just all of it. Couldn't imagine it being any other way”


How was your viewing experience?

‘Omg we absolutely love the viewing I was holding back the tears looking at the photos.’

What did you friends and family think to your final images?

‘They loved them so much.’


Do you have any other comments for us?

‘Just keep on doing a fab job and making everyone experience excellent.’