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Why did you come for a photoshoot at ZigZag Photography? 

“The service is fantastic! Everyone is always really friendly and smiling, that makes all the difference to any experience! They make the photoshoot fun and completely do it around your needs and requirements! We took our dogs for a shoot and they did the photos we requested! The photographers were lovely and made it all a lovely experience!”

Have you ever had a professional photoshoot before?

“Yes, I have had one for graduation, also at ZigZag, which again Sammie did a lovely job and really captured the moment!” 

Tell us about your family

“I have a family of 4: which consists of my partner, myself and 2 dogs! I love them dearly and wanted to use that opportunity to get some lovely moments caught on camera.”


Did you bring in any personal items with you? Why did you choose these items?

“Yes, we bought some dog toys with us for the reason we wanted to capture them playing and knew it would get their attention for the camera! Although, ZigZag still had their own things we could use aswell, which was an added bonus!”


Were you nervous before your photoshoot?

“Yes, but only due to one of our dogs being a puppy! It was more nerves about how she would be with the flash and a camera, but the ZigZag ladies helped the pup feel natural and we all had a lovely time!”

What was your favourite part of your ZigZag experience?

“It was great fun! They let the dogs play and allowed them to be natural as well as capturing the gorgeous angles a dog can show off! The people at ZigZag are so friendly and so it was all a great experience! “


What did you think to the ZigZag Team?

“I think the ZigZag team are friendly, thoughtful and care for your needs and the reason for being there!”