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Did you pop along to our very first, and obviously fantastic open day on Wednesday? Then you might be featured here on our blog!

Can we just say A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of you, everyone made a great effort to dress up and come along and see what ZigZag is all about. The weather was definitely in everyone's favour, and we'd like to offer a very special thanks Nic and Debbie of Seinna Acoustic for providing us with memorable and soulful music on the day. Please check out their website, as they are available for hire!

Hi5Faces was also here! We love working with Natasha, this is our second collaboration with the extremely talented artist. This past year Natasha has created life, she is called Mathilde. Mathilde is such a delight, we're happy she came to our open day and watch her mummy paint the faces of many, many excitable children.

Pikachu was one of Natasha's popular designs. She catered for each costume and child and was incredibly patient. There are hundreds of reasons why we love Natasha, but please do look at last years blog to see what she had created with us. Look how unbelievably gifted she is with a paintbrush! ---->

And! Yes, she's available for parties! If you've got a summer birthday or event that'll work well in the sunshine, she's your gal. Her Facebook page is here: Hi5Face Facebook page. Hopefully you lot on Wednesday saw Natasha working hard so you got to see her artistic flair in person!

A little Facebook video of our Open Day festivities! Can you spot yourself?






We hope that most of you took up the chance to draw ZigZag Bear!

The drawings were created by our very own artist here at ZigZag, Julie! We're so grateful that everyone made a tremendous team effort to make this open day happen, from Julie's drawings to Charlie's idea of giveaway goodie bags, we are all very proud to have created this event for you.

We had two categories for the colouring competition, the under 5s and over 5s and we already have the winners!! Congratulations on winning your ToysRUs vouchers! Come and collect them from our studio when you're ready.

LOOK AT THESE AMAZING COSTUMES!!!!! Seriously, the effort you all went to, we think that every one of our backgrounds was used! Does anyone have any more ideas about what they'd like to see in the future? Post us your thoughts and the best suggestions will make it to the printing machine ready for you!

My goodness, Dylan is now officially known as Sir Buzz Lightyear the superhero! Wonderful mix of everything there Dylan.

To everyone who made a donation to AgeUK on the day, thank you so much! All proceeds will go to them and as an added gift to AgeUK, Igor will be running the marathon in aid of them on Sunday! He's been training his heart out bless him, so we're all rooting for him to beat his personal best! He's been running around Clarendon Park and other areas of Leicester rain or shine and because of his dedication, Igor has also been featured in the Leicester Mercury.

If you'd like to sponsor Igor, please follow the link ONE DAY TO GO! :

We had a lot of fun on Wednesday and we're so grateful that Nic and Debbie could make it, as well as the fabulous Natasha from Hi5Faces.

For Nic and Debbie, their website is

Sienna Acoustic Facebook page

As for Natasha, she has a fabulous instagram found here:

Hi5Faces Instagram

Hi5Faces Facebook page

This is us. Our fantastic team of crazy, bubbly, energetic, sometimes sarcastic but utterly enjoyable team that made it possible for ZigZag's first open day to exist!!

If you did receive one of our vouchers on the day which came in a black envelope, then you're in luck! You now have the opportunity to come into our studio with your family for a full one hour photoshoot!!

What to do next? Call our studio on 0116 270 0995 or email us on and tell us that you came to our open day and would like to book in with us.

We hope that you have enjoyed looking through the activities on the day and see you real soon!!

Thank you,

The ZigZaggers