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Who doesn't love a good cake smash? Anything with the word *smash* in it sounds exciting! Here at our ZigZag studio, the messier the better. For some of our recent cake smash photoshoots, there have been dogs, who are excellent little helpers when cleaning up! We're hear to tell you some advice about what to bring and expect if it's your first, second or even your 21st cake smash.


If it's your baby's very first cake smash, try not to let this be the first time they try cake. Your photoshoot will be coming up soon, so in the few weeks leading up to coming in, try testing their sweet tooth with mini cupcakes. Cupcakes are a really cute idea for your actual shoot too!

There will be a massive sugar rush, so it's always best to prepare them on how they'll take it, and if you've braced them with taste beforehand then they should be fine once you're at your photoshoot.

Letting your baby touch and feel cake should be a great experience for them as icing and frosting is a cold and unusual sensation. Again, if you ready them a few weeks before, the day of the actual cake smash will be full of the expectations you gained while giving your kids the best homework assignment ever.


Props are mainly used to help with a little insight to what your toddler is into. Something as simple as a wooden spoon can unfold a certain quirk about how they like to eat with nothing else at meal times. It's completely up to you to bring anything like that along with you, we just help make your story!

Themes and props. Completely your own ideas, we've heard some amazing creations that mums and dads have conjured up! From purple peacocks to multicoloured Disney characters, every theme has its own unique spin. The cake usually comes first and parents work around it, colour, clothing and other quirky items that match everything else.

Bunting, tutus for the girls, bow ties for the boys, feathers, balloons, confetti and candles with ages on them all make for excellent props. The one thing we assure you all to bring is baby wipes. Lots and lots of baby wipes!


As long as you know your pet and what they're able to eat, your doggie is welcome to join in on the cake smash! We reserve those images until the end of the session for several reasons. 1. Your cake smash is for your little one first and foremost and 2. IT'LL GET MESSY SUPER QUICKLY, then gobbled up as fast as you can blink.

Any cake used for a cake smash photoshoot should be provided by you. You'll know any allergies or other food concerns that anyone has in the family. This information will make for an easier photoshoot for everyone involved, including your pets!

Do limit your animals as to what they're allowed to eat, as with any food binge, too much too quickly can result in an upset stomach.

Balloons, sometimes they're used in photoshoots and sometimes animals may not be okay with that. Again, only you know how your pet acts around certain things, but we want to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible, so please be aware of any loud popping fears! Their senses will be in maximum overdrive at the sight and smell of sweet food, so you're welcome to take your pets outside for some breathing space while the photoshoot wraps up.

You're more than welcome to bring any pets you have, we operate cake smash photoshoots on one and a half hour sessions instead of our usual one hour. This allows for any additional changes, cleaning up and those extra shots of props we want to capture.

If you feel like cake smashing someone up, get baking and come on down to us at ZigZag Photography! Our studio is big enough for up to 15 people so if you really want to make a mess, get the whole family involved.

We have a gallery of our amazing pictures so go and see what else we get up to here. Experience a session of your very own by calling our studio on 0116 270 0995 or email us at

Thank you for reading!

ZigZag Photography team