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ZigZag Photography know the importance of a good professional photo.


If you look at the photo you are currently using to portray your image online, ask yourself, 'Would I turn up to an interview looking like this?' If the answer is no, then it is definitely time for an update. 


  • For a lot of people, part of your brand is you and studies have shown that it take just 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone from just looking at a photo of their face. You don't want a blurry or badly cropped photo to make people think that you don't have attention to detail. 


  • Is your photo up to date? Whilst you may think you looked better 10-15 years ago, if someone is expecting you to look like that version of yourself, and find that isn't the case, they may deem you untrustworthy


  • Alot of people have a tendency to tilt their heads down slightly in photos but this can make people perceive you as unconfident. Having strong posture can bring out the best in you. 


  • Whether an individual or a company,  Showing off the faces behind your company helps potential customers to invest emotionally and see your business as personable. Let your clients know that you are real people just like them and they will instantly have a more trusting relationship with your company. 


  • What look are you going for? Some businesses may need a consistent look with all of their employees, or some may want to show off your unique personalities. Think of some key words that you want to convey? Trustworthy? Fun? Confident? Professional? Friendly?  Your photographer will have a conversation with you about what end result you are looking for and can advise on clothes, expressions and body language to fit with your brand. 


  • A bad profile picture could be having a negative impact on your brand or business. You don't get a second chance at making a first impression and these days you are very likely to be 'meeting' someone for the first time online. If you are a professional then shouldn't your image online reflect that by being professional too? 


At ZigZag Photography Leicester, we work with you to achieve your aims. If you are an individual we can offer 10 professional head shots for just £150. You will receive them digitally so can use them for all of your online profiles, so linkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your blog, your website, and even any marketing material can all be updated at the same time. 

Show people the best version of you by calling us on 0116 2700995 for an informal chat on how we can help you to achieve that positive first impression.