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This is Aurora Willow Brown. She came into the world, oooo, about two weeks ago and so far, her life has all been about sleeping, eating, looking cute and....! having theee most epic and awesome photoshoot on the planet!!

Let's back up shall we? Aurora, or Rory for short, her mum is Charlie. Charlie is our awesome colleague who one day just mentioned that she was pregnant. For next few months, the office was buzzing with newborn stories, pregnancy and all things that come with motherhood; that being the gross and evidently the good stuff! Obviously, a photoshoot was inevitable.

Charlie and Ethan have two boys already, so when Charlie announced she was having a girl, well, just imagine the Grand Prix champagne finale plus confetti. It was time to get planning for her photoshoot! Anyone that knows Charlie and Ethan will know that they are the number 1 most awesome and quirky couple ever. So when they suggested a teepee for the shoot, we were like.... aight. 

The wonderfully textured material that Rory's sleeping on there is Charlie's coat that is often mistaken for a bear. That was such a wicked piece to use, it photographed so well and it looks like Rory's nice new home. We were going for a festival type theme here, hence the feather headband that Charlie made! She is Etsy queen so she was happy to make loads of things for the shoot.

Here she is in her new outfit! From Indian to teenie tutu! Two weeks old and this girl already sports a range of talents; sleeping was her most valued.

We got to pop her in all kinds of positions! The whole shoot took 4 hours, and a massive gratitude to Charlie for sticking with it the whole time. Especially with the studio's set temperature at 28 degrees to keep Rory warm, this was not easy to endure. However, it was unquestionably worth it!

It was now the boys turn to be photographed with Rory! We have to say, considering the temperature in that room, the boys were absolutely amazing. Incredibly gentle with her, posed very nicely and listened to everything we said. And this is why we got this remarkable shot below.

The amount of props used, honestly, the studio looked like a warehouse! We had a cast iron bath, rubber duckies, the teepee that Ethan assembled, blankets upon blankets, photography books, lights, fluffy giant beanbags, a fruit crate, we had all sorts! But of course we had been planning this for a while and you know newborns don't stay small forever, so we really took advantage! But seriously, how comfortable does that beanbag look.

Here's a close up of Rory and her cute features. She's rocking the Julius Caesar look here.

Look at those tiny baby feeeeeet!!!!

Look at those tiny baby feeeeeet!!!!

Everybody involved did such a fantastic job. Mega thank yous to Charlie and Ethan for helping with swaddling, comforting and being all round incredible people. You already make great parents and Aurora's going to grow up with huge amounts of affection and attention because the ZigZag family have already fallen in with love her! Thank you once again for letting us capture these precious moments that go by in the blink of an eye.