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Dogs. Pups! The domesticated wolves of the world. This post is all about man's best friend and what to know when bringing your pet to a photo shoot!

We'll prepare you so that you and your pooch are as excited as the word WALKIES! For first timers, whether they be St Bernards or pug puppies, just know that our upstairs studio can accommodate any sized dog. We draw the line at horses, but to be honest, no one's ever asked. Before you hit the studio, there is a downstairs reception area where you wait for your photographer.

Sometimes doggies are free to roam the reception area, and if they so happen to find the office, it's always a bonus for us because DOGS ARE THE BEST! It'll often make everyone's day when your dog decides to be nosy and come find us. 


Before you come and have your photo session, it's always a good idea to give your dogs a good long walk. We are prepared for accidents of any kind in the studio, but be courteous of other clients after your own session. Know your own dog and decide how long a walk they need.


Dogs are brilliant, they seem to do anything for a snack. These can be powerful allies in a photo shoot as food distracts them nicely from anything else going on. It keeps them focused long enough to take a shot that won't turn out to be a big blur. Bring plenty of small treats for them, even if you won't use them all, more often that not, owners have ran out of ammo sooner than they think. A photo shoot is probably a new thing for most people and their pets, come as prepared as you can!

His name is Ziggy! We wanted to make him our mascot.

His name is Ziggy! We wanted to make him our mascot.


What'll get your dog ticking? Tennis balls? Tug of war rope? We had one pup in who went crazy for apples. As well as photographing those brown puppy dog eyes, we love getting the action shots, especially if your canine bounds higher than you for that ripped up, raggedy old tennis ball. Dogs rarely keep still, and we wouldn't want them that way anyway!

This energetic speed ball of a Spaniel had anything and everything in his mouth. Feather dusters, tools, his own lead and even a paint brush! We decided to make him a true artist; Vincent Van Dogh.

This is Michelle from All About Daisy. Her shop is incredible and is literally the jewel of Clarendon Park. Everything she sells is recycled into something mega cool, and it's just around the corner from our studio! Michelle, all of a sudden, had puppies surrounding her day and night, so we kinda wanted to photograph them!

Here's Molly, Mabel, Morris and Madge and Michelle in the middle!

Here's Molly, Mabel, Morris and Madge and Michelle in the middle!

Obviously we needed daisies to represent! All About Daisy's Facebook Page is right here and totally worth a look. Sometimes daddy Alfie and mummy Bonnie are in the shop and they're adorable, making a really nice shopping experience!

Colours, clothes and the shade of your pet, these are all things we consider when deciding what type of lighting is best for you. We aren't going to put a white Westie on a white background! They'd disappear! With this loving family of 3, we chose a two tone mood to compliment their attire, as well as telling a little bit of a story about them! 

The best a pet can get!

This is Alfie. Alfie was one of the first doggies to be photographed at ZigZag, pretty much setting the standard and style of what type of pet photography we wanted to aim for.

Alfie's long hair and love for ear scratches made preliminary ideas easy. The photographer had a good chat over the phone with Alfie's owners and found out that Alfie was quite fond of getting 100% of everyone's attention anywhere at any given time.

The photographer immediately thought of a shampoo commercial; slow motion, head massaging and very much loving life. Everything just seemed to fit into place, it was too perfect not to do! We also wanted the owner, the source of these epic scratches, to be included in the photograph to support and accelerate the story of Alfie and his nature.

You better believe we had snacks, tennis balls and a bowl full of water. If you have any questions before coming into the studio, all you have to do is ring or email us. We're more than ready to answer any questions or worries you may have. We've photographed newborns with puppies, we've photographed 7 dogs in the studio without leads, cats AND dogs in the same room, we've even photographed a Rottweiler in a Santa outfit - no challenge is too great for us! Dogs are awesome and we welcome every and any kind into ZigZag.

After all, a photo shoot with your pet is to show off their personalities, they're so much more than pets. They are your best friends. People come in for different reasons, and if you're coming in with your pet, have a good think about what makes them so unique and special to you!

If you're thinking of coming in to our studio with your animals, just follow the link here to buy a voucher online, or call us on 0116 270 0995. Sammy the photographer is still waiting for a St Bernard so if you know anyone, let us know!






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