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You'll get one of us when you come for your photo shoot! Sammy is on the left, Natalie on the right. This image was taken at Leicester's City Rooms, having been lucky enough to see the insides and outs of City Rooms, we obviously had to dress for the occasion and be on our best behaviour.

While doing a corporate event there at the venue, which we also cater to; portable equipment and all, it gave us photographers to really shine and show everyone what we could do.

If you're interested in a corporate event being photographed, just email us at or call 0116 270 0995 to find out more, we're always happy to dress up for an event!


Sammy, very heavily influenced by world cinema, a great big space in her heart for great big dogs and all things colourful in the world in which she travels in. Sammy's photography styles are soulful, flamboyant at times, distinctive and expressive, it's all in the part and parcel if you get Sammy as your photographer. Like with Natalie, our dedication is to work with you to get the best of everyone and we capture every single one of you having a good time!

Natalie, if Disney princesses existed in real life (I mean.. errr... of course they do exist in real life..), then Natalie would be one of them. Blonde hair, blue eyes, birds and squirrels at her every will, she could calm a tornado with her wonderful attitude. A real down to earth gal with a soft approach to photography, paying attention to details only we see, she will definitely give you an instant mood lift as soon as you're in her presence.

Training is, of course, an essential part of keeping up with the ever changing aspects of photography and people's attitudes. In the early days of ZigZag - only a mere 7 months ago, the photographers had training days and one of them was filmed. Here you'll see the skillful training exercises (messing around with leaves) in the uttermost professional manner (playing with tiaras and earphones). We do it for you!