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The benefits of working in a photography studio are tremendous. Every day is different, every client is different and it is constantly exciting. And every once in a while, a person comes along and butterfly effects you in all the right ways. This person for me is Laura, the extreme housewife of Leicester. If not for the Blogger's evening on Friday 6th November, I would not have heard about the alluringly stylish hair salon, Danique.

I had the sheer pleasure of photographing a fragment of the night and met some wonderful girls, quality businesses and received fantastic insight. I'm here right now to talk about my return experience to Danique. Like most of us, we need a hair cut every once in a while, well.... I kinda need my own fringe to be short; looking through a camera lens more often than not. My complete trust went into Zara, my loquacious and gracious hair stylist! I was lucky she was a perfectionist, she was just who I needed! And seeing as we sort of, kinda had access to a photography studio, it was straight to work I go - To do a fashion shoot! 

This was something I've wanted to do for ages now, and it seemed like everything just fell into place. ZigZag Photography had done fashion shoots before, and as much as we wanted to show off to the world what images we're capable of producing.... We rarely got permission to do so. Why not use Sammy!! Inspiration was of course taken from magazines, London Fashion Week, and 1960's Hollywood. Thank you Zara for my wicked pixie hair cut!

Everyone should pull this fashion face at least once in their lifetime. It's great fun! You guys should honestly consider taking half a day to glam up, make up and dress up for funky pictures that'll boost your confidence tenfold. Get yourselves to Danique for a hair style, not to mention the amazing head massages that come with it. They use all kinds of futuristic products, giving off sweet aromas that you know will turn heads when you stride by someone.

Wearing make up was the strangest part for me, it was so far out of my comfort zone I weirdly felt exposed with so much on. Being content with just my awesome pixie haircut I thought it'd be enough, but Tracey, our insistent colleague, persuaded me otherwise and kindly glammed up my face! 

Sorry ladies, we don't usually do make up in the studio, Tracey is ordinarily on the phone chatting to you lot and getting you booked in!

We did this post because we wanted to show you that fashion photography is damn cool, we're awesome at showing off our greatest assets and there IS a photography studio in Leicester who can do anything for you sexy lot!

Thank you again Danique!! Find their details here: 

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