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Shamefully poor phone quality image so so sorry that is terrible

Shamefully poor phone quality image so so sorry that is terrible

Were you at the Highcross this weekend?? Was it Christmas shopping time? Merely end of season sales that drove you there? And while you were wondering about the upper levels.... Did you have your photograph taken by us?? If so, thank you a million squillion times! We absolutely loved being in the Highcross this year, but Christmas time always excites us the most.

This was the sign to look out for!! We had a fantastic day photographing you lot, keeping us on our toes - there wasn't a boring moment!

As far as keyrings go, there'll be 142 sent out to you lot, so keep your ears open for post some time next week, we're working on them so please be patient!

Now, Christmas, as mentioned in our previous blog post, if you're interested in getting images BEFORE Christmas, the cut off date for ordering them is Sunday 29th November. That means your session and viewing must be before that date! So get in super quick, our weekend slots book up insanely quickly!

Hopefully most of you had spoken to our lovely exhibition lady Tracey, giving you insight to what we're all about and what our Christmas voucher entailed. As well as our keyring giveaway, we were also promoting a fantastic opportunity to come into our studio in the oh so wonderful Clarendon Park area of Leicester. We're happy to say that, just like those of you who stopped and spoke to us at Fosse Park, most of you took this offer and Sammy and Natalie, the photographers, are looking forward to seeing you shortly!!