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Everyone here understands the challenge of prepping your little ones for school/bed/dinner time! A photography shoot isn't all that different, but we'd like to offer you some advice to make it as smooth as possible.

All children are different, and they all have their adorable characteristics. We would like to make those traits shine, whether it be their eyes, dimples or cheeky mannerisms. Have a good think about what you'd like from your photo shoot, go around the house with your children and pick out things that they're into, grabbing their attention, making them smile, or even something that makes you smile! This is all about your family after all.

Newborns! We love newborn babies here and the best time to bring them in to have a photo shoot is between 5 and 10 days. They're still in their sleepy stage and it's easier to move them around.

What to bring

  • Any keepsakes you had during pregnancy, small trinkets or even a family heirloom
  • Cosy blankets of any colour you like
  • Name blocks, a calendar to signify their date of birth, unique items to them!
  • Nappies, wipes, bibs and their food

We will always work around you and your baby, whether the best time to come in is early morning or late afternoon. Figure out when they're at their most sleepiest and least hungry and then you'll know a perfect time to come on in. We usually allow a little longer than one hour for newborn shoots to get the absolute best photography from you and your baby, and we never want you to feel rushed, just cared for!


Toddlers. You can't deny their little personalities are on the brink of exploding into something amazing, but before that happens... You'd like photos of them while they're still young and delightfully innocent.

They are now old enough to interact with you a little more and this is a perfect opportunity to share your hobbies with them and capture their moments of interest. The hour in the studio is what you make of it, so bring outside stuff inside! Do your kids enjoy walking in the woods? Bring wellies, hats and leaves! Are they your little assistant in the kitchen?  Get those aprons, pots & pans! Their favourite food? This is also an excellent bargaining tool.

Whether your young one is newborn, two or just having their 6th birthday, our best advice to you is what makes them unique. Make a game of finding things around the house, garden, or Granny's house. Photos like that will last a lifetime for you.

We'll be there every step of the way to help prepare you, but please take a look at our Facebook page where we upload real clients and their photos to show you all the magic that can be created in our studio.