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You're in safe hands at ZigZag, We listen to our clients! We do our very best to cater for any particular needs or requirements and we absolutely love to hear your ideas and then reflect them in your images. 

We'll work with you to unleash your weird and wonderful, conservative and demure, wacky and zany personalities! Whatever your personality, we can showcase it for you! So don't be shy! The doors are open for you! See you soon! 

An introduction

Welcome to ZigZag Photography where you enter the world of studio photography! Offering you the opportunity to unfold your family's story, reveal your personalities, and divulge your wonderful hobbies! 

We can capture amazing images of you in the studio ranging from newborns, your baby's first steps right through to graduation, engagements, even post weddings (a few studio shots before you put away that gorgeous dress of yours?) We can do portfolios, head shots and corporate shoots. 

Whether there are 2 or 15 of you, our studio can accommodate large groups of people and of course - your beloved pets! We have yet to encounter a snake or tarantula, but doggies of all sizes, from Chihuahuas to St Bernard's, cats, rabbits, tortoises, birds and even goats have experienced the studio! 

We have 20 years experience here at Portland road, however we have gone through a few name changes in that time. We are looking forward to our new start and seeing you all here at ZigZag Photography!